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The Clothesline

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the incredible amount of information your mind is given each day? The increase of information in the last 100 year is mind blowing! Apparently, we only use less than 10% of our brains. I … Continue reading

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5 Things That Make People Beautiful

Proverbs 18:12 Before destruction the heart of man is haughty, and before honor is humility. There are a few women and men I know whom I love to be with. I love listening to them, talking with them and just … Continue reading

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Fascinating Womanhood

A book that influenced my outlook of womanhood in my early years is “Fascinating Womanhood” by Helen B. Andelin. It was written in the 1950s and is a very revealing look at the mystery and hidden strength of womanhood. I … Continue reading

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When Queens Ride By

When I was growing up, the mystery of womanhood was something I was fascinated with. I knew instinctively, as all little girls do that there was something special about being a woman. Following is a story my mother had in a little booklet form and gave to many women. It illustrates the unique and beautiful ability of woman to inspire and create hope in difficult times. It is a lengthy story, but well worth your time.

by Agnes Slight Turnbull, 1888 Continue reading

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What is True Beauty?

Why is it that as women, we simultaneously desire and stiff arm beauty? As little girls, we longed to grow up to be beautiful and loved. We long to be an irreplaceable part of a great adventure. We wanted a … Continue reading

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